Infrastructure Torrent

Infrastructure Torrent node — has similar functionality to Service Torrent node, but designed to support corporate users, such as exchanges, trading networks, banks, and others, which provide the biggest load on the network. This role also allows to unload the network for ordinary users.

Seed Cap: 100,000 MHC
Soft Cap: 500,000 MHC
Hard Cap: 20,000,000 MHC (planned to be reduced to 2,000,000 MHC)

Hardware requirements:
Intel® Xeon® Silver 4110, 32GB RAM, 4TB HDD

Current version: 0.85

Instruction on GitHub
Instruction on Readme

Hi - This node needs to be addressed at your earliest convenience please… the instructions on the github page dont work… you get to step 7 and it just fails.
when i built my server as an I-Torrent, i ended up using the deb package, but then you released an update that required to ‘git pull’ which doesnt work when you havent used git to install… so i raised it with you and after it didnt get dealt with i just installed a service torrent instead… Also - currently im not sure that the deb package on the readme link is up to date either.

Please can you get the installation verified and notify us when its working?


Please tell, which directory did you use to build Torrent?

i think i responded in tg for this one but it went into /opt.

for your clarity, the instructions say to clone the git repo and that creates a folder structure within /opt (or within /tmp if thats where you put it)

The folder structure created when the git repo is cloned, does not inlclude the ‘build’ folder, which is required in the very next step of the instructions, and consequently the file that the next instruction tells you to run, is also not there…