MetaGate is an open source interface using the #TraceChain protocol making it
possible to work with #MetaApps and networks. Third-party developers
can use the #MetaGate code to embed #MetaApps and #TraceChain/
blockchain features into various applications and browsers.

Metagate is great… it is gateway to decentralized internet.

@Ekaterina_Lashina , I would like to suggest that the next release of Metagate should include QR code for the wallet address. This will help someone to make a quick scan of the address and transfer MHC fund between Metagate and Mobile wallets.


Thanks for the idea!
I’ll put it to the table with the suggestions

Please do get that added. We have had a few requests from users of MHConnect for this function. Now that we are making it more easy for people to use mobile apps, it’s too cumbersome to expect people to copy and paste and then email the addresses around. Snapping a QR will simplify cross application transfers massively.

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