MetaMines is the first game for MetaHash. You can play for FREE or play with MHC and make some more! The game is build by the community and has a maximum game bet of 500MHC. Play as many games as you like and the more mines you avoid, the bigger your return. Cash out in time before you lose it all! Strategy is your friend… but don’t forget to play responsible!

As the game is purely based on luck the house can lose money over time. Please help us out by delegating to our node which gives you 80% return. The 20% is used to cover server costs and to finance lucky winners. With your help we can keep MetaHash adoption going! There is a total of 20K MHC on the metamines wallet. In case the house loses it all, we’ll have to remove the MHC game option.

Delegate to #02 - - metamines - 80% daily

Unlike other casino games, this game is 100% fair play. The player always has the solution in hand from the start… the game hash. This hash can be verified at the end of the game.

Play here:

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